Author: James Hunt

Category: Science Fiction

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GMO 24 changed our world- Just not the way we intended

GMO-24 was regarded as the solution to world hunger. The human race has finally succeeded in perfecting the art of food production at the molecular level. GMO-24 was a strand of altered proteins that could be inserted into the genetic layout of any crop, allowing it to maximize the natural nutrients of the soil around it. Imagine crops that yield double to triple the level of vitamins and minerals without the need for harmful pesticides.

Can you imagine the harshest environments where thousands of square miles of soil lay untouched and unused because of low nutrient content now able to support crops to help feed the starving masses of the world?

Imagine... Everything that could go wrong. Alex Grives is living in that realm, the world where GMO-24 triggered the very famine it was designed to prevent.