Author: John Triptych

Category: Fantasy

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BOOK 1 OF AN EPIC POST-APOCALYPTIC SERIES!MYTHS ARE NO LONGER JUST LEGENDS, THEY ARE REAL.The end of the world is finally here. And it will be nothing like what you’d expect. All over the earth, strange and horrific events begin to unfold. A US combat team in Iraq comes under attack from mystical forces, an anthropology professor has an eerie encounter at Stonehenge, a runaway teen finds a very strange pet in Arizona, a young orphan in Siberia meets a terrifying old woman, and a pair of NYPD detectives discovers the ghastly doings of a supernatural cult. A large and diverse group of characters struggle to survive as civilization begins to collapse all around them. As each one realizes their true potential, every one of them must go through a personal, danger-filled journey in order to turn back the sweeping tide of chaos and destruction that threatens the entire world as we know it. Many will die, others will be corrupted, and the remaining few will be the humanity’s only hope.For the old gods have returned to cleanse the earth, and their revenge will be swift and merciless.