Author: Almondie Shampine

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Would you pay a million dollars for a glimpse of the future at any time of your choosing? Could you handle it if you did? Dr. Paul Stevens is someone you’ve probably never even heard of, story of his life. He dreamed of creating big change as a Psychologist, but regression and invisibility are the marker of his life. The new therapy keeps everyone coming back, instead of healing them, but the Board keeps rejecting all his theories for effective therapy. He’s washed up, completely alone, horribly insignificant, and this is not how he’d imagined his future would go, so he decides to take his future into his own hands and create significant change to a few people’s lives, even if it’s not exactly legal.He uses his own invisibility to headline this experimental theory of psychic design: a glimpse of the future. He follows the lives of young Michael, an aspiring millionaire realtor, Jim, a middle-aged middle-class bank executive, Claire, his college love, and John Whitman, the son of the late multibillionaire, Bill Whitman, while using mastery manipulation techniques to create an illusion of a future that could be theirs. What Dr. Paul Stevens didn’t foretell was just how much his own future would wind up intertwined with the successes or failures of their own.

Glimpses is a 75,000 word adult psychological thriller with spiritual/psychic contents, where the line between illusion and reality become unclear. After all, one’s own predictions of their future may differ significantly from the future they’re shown. Can they make the future of their choosing or do they fall into the hands of fate, forever?