Author: Nicola McDonagh

Category: Literary Fiction

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A riveting compilation of surreal, supernatural and mysterious tales.
Purchase your copy of this unusual and wonderful collection - including the Award Winning story, 'Glimmer'.
From metaphysical speculation to sophisticated eroticism, these beautifully crafted tales explore human nature in all its diversity. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes inspirational, they all have a metaphorical richness that will take you into an uncanny world that straggles the line between the real and the imagined.Rousseau’s Suburban Jungle:“Esther drew a tree with bright green leaves that curled up and around the canvas snake-like and cruel. She gave it a head, red eyes and ivory fangs, its mouth open, ready to bite anyone who came too close.”


“The nightlight on the bedside table cast elongated shadows across the floor. The dark lines crawled along the skirting boards and up the walls like dirty fingers groping for something clean.”
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