Author: Sue Wyshynski

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Romantic Suspense, Mystery Book, Urban Fantasy, Alpha Male, Paranormal, HEAA young woman falls for a gorgeous, powerful man who has been secretly genetically altered.

My friends say Hunter's dangerous.
They say he's a threat to everyone in Deep Cove.
But I'm not so sure.
As he stands before me in this crowded club with the lights shining around us,
I catch something good under Hunter's dark facade.
Something decent and profound.
I don't know who or what to believe.
But I will find out the truth.

Aeris is looking forward to a much needed vacation. But when she meets Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome?whose eyes happen to flash like a cat's in the dark?she ends up in trouble way over her head. Pursued by villainous scientists, all she wants is to get back home again. Yet her every move only entangles her deeper in the miraculous and dangerous world she's uncovered.

Wyshynski ratchets you up inch-by-inch, slowly, slowly?then tips you over the edge and sends you racing down the other side, all the way to the startling finish. Her fresh voice is addictive.

"I have tried to read my next book, but can't get into it for thinking about this one!" ????? M. Burcham?Starred Review