Author: Morris Fenris

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Callie and Jasper are best friends, and lead actors in Ghostly Encounters, the most successful site specific theatre troupe in the world. She is in love with Henry, the CEO, while Jasper prefers one night stands with ensemble cast members. Until Trinity, the newest cast member, begins to win his heart, from the bottom of a vodka bottle.When paranormal activity starts to rise in the venue, it`s up to Callie to figure out what the cause is. But Callie can`t dedicate all her time to the ghosts and the show, when most of her energy is spent attempting to woo Henry`s heart. As the two of them start to lose their focus, accidents occur in the theater. The audience is frightened to their cores every night, and the press is wild for them.

When the accidents start to occur closer to Jasper, Callie realizes what might be stirring the spirits back to life, and it’s deadly. With so much on her plate, her own heart threatens to break. Will she be able to save Jasper from his fate? Or will their Ghostly Encounters turn into more than just a theatrical show? Only time will tell. But the show must go on.