Author: Ray Jay Perreault Perreault

Category: Science Fiction

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LongIf you want to try a different Sci-Fi with worldbuilding and alien romance, or you’re tired of the same superheroes with the amazing weapons, then try a story about real aliens. How they live, love and survive. They start as a naïve society that has everything. They live on a unique world that provides what they need, and when they ask a simple question, they are attacked and learn to defend themselves.

"Exciting world building, "In the same style as Dune, "Amazing imaginary world." “Nice Alien Romance.”


Ilana ... turned and looked up and almost shrieked at what she saw. There was a giant structure lowering itself from the sky of Varo. It made so much noise that Ilana’s hearing hurt, and it caused the soil to shake beneath her feet. The structure had tremendous clouds of smoke and flames coming from its bottom that lit the sky and ground around her it as it descended.