Author: Shelley Hitz

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Welcome to "A Full Life" box set. This book contains 9 best-selling books on gratitude, faith and generosity. Each of the 9 books has 21 devotionals. Therefore, this book contains 189 days of content to inspire and encourage you!How would your life change if your lived with more gratitude, deeper relationships, and more joy every day?

What would it look like to live with a genuine faith that overflows from a heart that is fully trusting in God in every area of your life?

What would happen if you chose to live a life of generosity?

Over the course of 21 days, God began to change CJ and Shelley Hitz as they spent intentional time seeking Him regarding these topics of gratitude, faith and generosity. This also led them to writing out 21 prayers and compiling 21 stories on each topic. They now want to share what they learned with you in the pages of this book.

This 9 book set includes the following books:

The Books You Get:
Gratitude Journal: 21 Day Gratitude Challenge
21 Prayers of Gratitude 21 Stories of Gratitude
21 Days of Faith Challenge 21 Prayers of Faith
21 Stories of Faith 21 Days of Generosity Challenge
21 Prayers of Generosity
21 Stories of Generosity

What to Expect On Each Day:

- Read their personal stories, struggles and reflections.
- Read one scripture and one quote on the topic.
- Apply one personal application step from the challenge.
- Read one prayer on the topic.
- Read one story on the topic.

Will you join them on this journey to living a full life?

Our prayer is for God to work in and through you in a powerful way through the challenges, prayers and stories contained in this box set.

If you bought each of these 9 books separately, you'd pay almost $27. However, you can get the entire set for just $0.99.

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