Author: Daphne Loveling

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Two families. Four lives. One club.Tallie Hendricks lost her older brother Kyle (road name Gonzo) to the Fugitives MC as a young girl. Now all grown up, Tallie goes back to the club to seek revenge for the family they destroyed. When she comes face to face with Spider -- Kyle’s best friend and the new vice-president of the club -- the encounter unleashes a dark secret from the past that threatens to blow the club wide apart. Their story, and the mystery of what really happened to Gonzo, will have you turning the pages of this explosive novel as fast as you can.

Here's what some previous readers had to say about Fugitives MC:

“Terrific MC story, with a long, slow twist.”

“I absolutely adored this book. Loved the characters and the build up to their relationship especially, and the delicious dynamics at work between them all.”

“Not every author gets endings right... Daphne Loveling nails it, though. It’s piping hot, the conflict is intriguing, and I legitimately wondered how it was going to end.”

Note: This edition of Fugitves MC contains a special bonus novel, Los Perdidos MC.