Author: R.S. Penney

Category: Science Fiction

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Three years have passed since Jack Hunter changed the course of our planet's history. He thought he was joining a noble order of knights who protected humankind, but when a terrorist threatens to fracture the delicate alliance between Earth and Leyria, Jack finds himself neck-deep in a world of subtlety and scandal. Distinguishing friend from foe will be the most difficult test he has ever faced. Three people are dead, each killed with advanced alien technology. Jack and Harry must team up to find the perpetrator before he sets off a panic that could destroy the fragile peace between planets. Meanwhile, Anna investigates a smuggling ring on one of the outer colonies, trying to find out who's been funneling deadly alien weapons to Earth. Allegiances will change and conspiracies will be unmasked in Friction, the second book of the Justice Keepers Saga.