Author: Isabella Vedichi

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Terror at being caught and gunshots. The anguish overwhelmed the mystery man, then there was rage. As he looked down at the bloodied corpse of his baby son, he cursed. Not only will that person pay, but so too will his family.
Perseus is on the run. He holds the little package close—he has to deliver it safely. Only then will it all be over. They will arrive any day now and it will be a death sentence he welcomes—it would be worth it. There is only one thing left to do to ensure success. There is only one person who he knew would have his back when he needs it most.
The S.O.S. message was loud and clear. Rupert’s land? What the hell was Perseus doing there? His mind didn’t dwell on this question long. There is only one reason Perseus would ask for help like this—his life was on the line. It’s time to go.
In another place, a plane picks up 8 different people. They all had the same objective. Hardened killers, they make their way to Rupert’s land for their next hit. Little did they know, their target is not who they thought it was.
As Bradley and Perseus reconvene, a story is unravelled—one of vengeance, infidelity, regret, and shame. Bradley comes to a solemn understanding. To Perseus, this may be the only opportunity to make atonements—whether he makes it through alive or not, is a different matter.