Author: Theresa Lepiane

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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How do you talk about moving to a child, especially if that move is not a happy one? Today with the financial difficulties many face, people have had trouble keeping their homes. Foreclosures are at an all time high in the United States, but people have to move for many reasons. Often those reasons are not understood and young children are afraid. When my cousin was recently divorced, she and her young son came to live with us. I wrote this book for Stephen Francis because he loved frogs and Francis Frog finding a home made him feel that he too would find a permanent home with the people he loved.When Francis Frog finds his puddle has grown smaller and smaller in the sun, Francis has to find a new home. Come and see what and WHO he finds in his adventure. A great read aloud for preschoolers or easy read for primary school children. If you like this book, please come back and write a review so others can find it. Click on the book, and then the stars.

Thank you,
Theresa Lepiane