Author: Raina Wilde

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: January 18, 2016

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In Frances McCraig’s harsh world, marriage is an act of duty, not of love.Innocent and gentle, her childhood is shattered when her father, indebted and desperate, barters her hand in marriage against his mounting debts to Laird Jamie McNeil. Arrogant, brutish and cruel, Laird Jamie is nothing a young lady would ask for in a husband.

A desperate Frances attempts to end her own life. But her wish to die is abruptly halted during a serendipitous encounter with Duncan Lanner, the handsome son of a neighbouring Laird.

A burgeoning forbidden love between the pair brings Frances joy and wonder. But it also brings her danger, as her possessive, thwarted husband seeks vengeance on the lovers.

Duncan's family has secrets. And Frances has allies. Will that be enough to let them rise above the odds and make a life together?

A tale of revenge, passion and enduring love set on the misty, mysterious Highland coast.