Author: Dana Rey

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Deal starts: January 10, 2016

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When Sonya and Jack met, was it by chance, or wasn't it? Sonya believed in fate, auras, astrology, and this brought them together. Jack believed they were attracted to each and shared in romance, which brought true love to them.
She believed he followed her light and this brought the best of out of him. He believed the sunlight bounced off her, leaving shadows where she stood. She believed all fathers wanted to name their first-born son their first name. He believed in his family’s tradition. They followed another path of naming. Her beliefs gave them something to talk about, think about and challenged them.
While they challenged each other's beliefs, he learnt to surrender. When nothing else mattered to his family, it was when, everything mattered even more to him, and would to them, in the end.