Author: Richard Lowe

Category: General Nonfiction

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Vastly increase your income potential by effectively promoting yourself on LinkedIn. Learn how to write your LinkedIn profile that very nearly guarantees more and better connections, a stream of job offers and leads for your business. If you leave your LinkedIn profile the way it is now, then chances are no matter how exceptional you are, you will still be stuck in the same dull, unrewarding job or still struggling daily to get leads for your business five years from today? Are you happy working in the same unsatisfying, underpaying job day after day, or desperately and usually unsuccessfully attempting to find people who are interested in your products and services? Or would you prefer to have job opportunities and business leads come to YOU, offering to employ YOU or pay YOU money, by learning to write your own LinkedIn profile that attracts the right people directly to your inbox? I have been where you are today. I worked in unsatisfying jobs for employers that didn’t care and wouldn’t reward good and competent service. I remained in jobs for years, sending out thousands of resumes, hoping that someone would recognize my value. To make more money, I tried creating my own services and products and desperately searched for ways to market them. I must have tried hundreds of different marketing and promotional methods, with limited and mixed success. What pulled me through was lots of study, specialized training, and practice. More importantly, I believed in myself and the value I could provide to employers and customers for my products and services.