Author: P. Joseph Cherubino

Category: Science Fiction

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It’s another day of work at the Fleetfoot Interstellar Freight Company.Captain Drexler Fleetfoot just wants to haul cargo between the stars, pay off his debts and one day, retire. When a rival crew of Reptilians tries to kill his Insectoid crew members and muscle in on his operation, Drexler tries to get even. Instead, he stumbles headfirst into a Reptilian plan to invade the Trade Union.

Now he is on the hook for starting a war, and on the run from the Reptilian battle fleet. Caught between a Galactic conflict and an unhappy crew he can’t afford to pay, Drexler will have to use all his skills to save his ship, his comrades and his business. It's a good thing he does not follow rules.