Author: Harmon Cooper

Category: Science Fiction

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"Life and death in a video game -- 5 stars." -Amazon reviewer"A mad, insane, totally awesome sci-fi story!" -Amazon top 500 reviewer"Add this book to your reading loop!" -Amazon reviewer A ground-breaking LitRPG scifi series set in various virtual dream worlds. Get the 3-book box set available on the author's profile page and save!Quantum Hughes is a maverick. Stuck in a digital dream world, he lives the same day on repeat, battling his way through a gritty noir city known as The Loop only to spawn again the next morning. Everything changes once he receives a mysterious message from a woman named Frances Euphoria, the first human he's met in years. Soon, a group of real-life corporate assassins known as Reapers are on his tail, hoping to give him an early retirement. As good as he is at fighting, the Reapers have weapons that could imprison him forever or worse, kill him for good. A new type of corporate warfare, humor, a city of vice, brutal action, a star-crossed romance that spans two worlds, a cast of unforgettable characters and NPCs – get ready to be hooked on this action-packed science fiction series! Perfect for fans of Philip K. Dick, video games, Ready Player One, Tron, anime, Sword Art Online, cyberpunk, LitRPG and sci-fi adventure novels.Download The Feedback Loop and get started right now, tonight, as soon as you humanly can. Book Six will be released in February 2017, and you won’t believe where this series is going! LitRPG is a new genre of science fiction that merges sci-fi, fantasy, thriller elements and online video games. Expect the unexpected, and be sure to check out the other writers in this blossoming genre.Reading Order:1. The Feedback Loop2. Steampunk is Dead3. High Fantasy4. Reapers and Repercussions5. The Mechanical Heart 6. Cyber Noir Redux (out Feb 2017)7. Title coming soon 20178. Title coming soon 2017 (final book in the series)Remember: a 3-book box set is now available on the author's profile page. Get it, catch up on the series, and save!