Author: R D Power

Category: Action & Adventure

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Taylor Rule has everything any woman could want: impeccable, wealthy family, successful career, and one of the nation's most eligible bachelors for her fiancé. But she hates it all. Her family is forcing her to marry a man she doesn't love and threatening her with a loss of inheritance and career otherwise. Nothing she says to her family or fiancé can convince them to yield, so she decides to take action: she marries a man she happens upon at the airport, a man who couldn't be more opposite from her fiancé.Trevor Freeman looks like an unkempt hillbilly. He never made it to high school; he can't even read. But he's much more than he seems . . . so much more gifted and so much more dangerous. Is he the man of her dreams or of her nightmares?

Dramatic yet humorous and steeped in the world of the corrupt banking elite, Fed Up follows the couple as their lark turns into something serious.