Author: Roma Dark

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Lilith Kincaid was dating a bastard named Jason. A bastard that went so far as to pay his workmate to keep her busy while he dabbled with a younger woman before moving far away from her.Deacon Cadence Walker was the workmate that kept her occupied, but for reasons other than the money. Running from a past that kept hot on his heels, he saw salvation in her eyes.

When push comes to shove, Cade ends up making a rash decision to help Lilith from making the worst mistake of her life.

Will she acquiesce under his touch and learn to love in his own special way. One that she'd never known before with Jason?

*This special dark romance comments on a special pastry. It's recipe is given at the end of the book for readers who'd like to try their hand at creating a "tree cake". *