Author: Kent HamiIlton

Category: Christian Fiction

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Falling in love has never been so sweet! John and Kari have spent the last few weeks of their lives falling madly in love for each other, faster than either of them ever dreamed could be possible. A romantic courtship led John to run to Kari’s bedside at the hospital when pregnancy complications occurred, and the checkup resulted in a wedding that happened at the hospital! Their untraditional marriage sparked some concern within John’s family; his conservative minded mother begged that the couple be wed, publicly, so that friends and family would be able to join in the celebrations of the couple’s joyous union. Kari and John agreed, and are now working day and night with the help of John’s parents, to make their wedding a wondrous event that reflects the love they have for each other. But John’s past comes knocking, and things get ugly, quickly.