Author: Jessica Gray

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Stranded in the mountains after a camping trip gone worse than bad, college student Rachel Baker finds herself holed up in a cabin with the wickedly hot and sarcastically cranky Peter Shaw. Despite his grumpy demeanor, Rachel is drawn to him like no man she's ever encountered before. But can she trust him? Should she trust a man she just met?Escaping his volatile and cheating ex-girlfriend in the city, Peter Shaw welcomed the solitude and silence of the wilderness. But when fate pours down on them, Peter and Rachel find themselves stuck in a cabin together--alone.
All camping trips have a fire; theirs can't be extinguished. With the heat building and the tension palpable, it's a perfect backdrop for seduction and fantasy.

Life in the mountains can be peaceful and romantic, but what happens when they have to return to the city...and to the vindictive, calculating ex-girlfriend?

This is the first book in the Falling for Him Series (New Adult and College Romance) and has a cliffhanger.


Q & A with the Author

Q-This is a sexy romance set in California. The couple meets on a camping and climbing trip to Yosemite National Park. Why Yosemite? Why climbing? Isn’t that a rather unusual setting?

A-I wanted the setting to be something unusual, to convey adventure and freedom. For me being in the nature is just that. Romantic. Pure. Down-to-Earth. But I wanted it to also show adventure and something unusual. That’s when a friend posted photos of his last climbing trip and I was hooked. The sheer beauty of the Yosemite National Park, the Half Dome, sunsets, and thermal springs got to me.

The breathtaking landscapes and the exercise of climbing (and the lean, muscular, good-looking, handsome guys) would make the perfect setting for Rachel and Peter to meet.

Q- What challenges do your characters have to overcome?

A- Well, Rachel is a new adult, just coming of age. She’s the typical college student. Studying, working and trying to find her place in the world. Throughout the series she grows into an empowered and independent young woman. Ready to tackle the world.

While rich and wealthy Peter has to cope with a disastrous breakup, and too much work. He needs to trust in love again.

Q-What writers have influenced you?

A-Of course, Nora Roberts was one of the first ones I read. She’s the queen of romance. Then there are two independent New York Times Bestseller authors I truly admire. Bella Andre and Melissa Foster.

I love how they write steamy, romantic novels full of love. True love. Their heroes are alpha males – the good ones. No bad boys, but the kind every mother would want to have as son-in-law. The women are empowered, independent and sexy. The books are great examples of women's fiction and continuing series. Family sagas at their finest.