Author: CB Archer

Category: LGBT

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A game of the year expanded.
A collection incomplete.
An enthusiastic avatar falling.Industry giant Tornado Tech is getting ready to release the first expansion to their popular post-apocalyptic open world game Fallin and Rankin is desperately trying to fill up his collection of collectibles before that happens.

But some open world games are a bit more open than others and Fallin hides a shockingly sexual secret within its code. When Rankin falls into an expansion of trouble he must use every game skill he has in a desperate attempt to fall out.

As the irradiated glowing ceiling looms above the mysterious underground location an important question remains unanswered. What kind of game of the year would put players in sexy peril? More importantly to Rankin is his own personal question, “What do you mean I have an entire new list of things to collect?”

Warning: Contains m/m situations and fabled monster banging.
While part of a series, this novelette can be read as a stand alone story!