Author: Donna Figueroa

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: December 19, 2015

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LOST BOY continues the FALL AGAIN Series, chronicling Marc Guiro’s life from the end of 1989-2010. LOST BOY begins as Marc frantically returns to New York City after a stressful visit home to Montreal. While there, he finally ends a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Miriam who had been planning their spring wedding. Marc’s decision to end the relationship not only infuriates Miriam, but Marc’s family who had also been looking forward to Marc's marriage to the daughter of his father's business partner.
When Marc arrives in New York, he finds that Lauren, the woman he truly loves has left New York permanently. Marc is devastated, but seeing no other option begins to put the pieces of his life back together.
After losing Lauren, Marc is tested many times and makes choices that take his life in different directions. At times, he travels far away from New York City in search of professional and personal fulfillment. Challenges confront him, and he will continue to battle his personal curse of bad timing.
Over time Marc becomes a better artist, son, brother, friend and above all, a better man. With the support and encouragement of old and new friends, Marc unknowingly begins a personal odyssey to find himself; an arduous journey that will eventually lead Marc back to a woman whose memory refuses to leave him.