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Faith Bible Verses: 99 Bible Verses On FaithFaith is the cornerstone of the Christian life. We believe in God who we do not see; we believe against all odds that things will work for our good. We believe in hope, we believe in eternity. Faith helps us overcome our challenges. Faith helps us face life’s seeming insurmountable situations with hope.

Thousands of years after the events in the Bible occurred, the Bible still remains relevant to our lives today. Indeed, the Bible is filled an abundance of guidance and inspiration on the subject of Faith.

“Faith Bible Verses: 99 Bible Verses on Faith” is a compilation of 99 Bible Verses about Faith from the Old and New Testament. The Bible verses on faith remind us of the reasons to trust God, reasons to have faith and benefits of having faith. The scripture verses are presented as a numbered list, starting from the Old Testament to the New Testament. These faith scriptures will strengthen, uplift and encourage us.

Use this for a Bible study on faith, to receive encouragement for your faith, in prayer, for sermon preparation and to remind yourself of what the Bible says about faith.