Author: Tom Upton

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Young Adult short fiction"Life Along the Okie-Dokie Highway" A girl goes on a horrifying road trip with her dysfunctional family.

"Sound Travels" Two childhood friends spend the last weekend of summer at a lake side cottage.

"Tiny Voices" A girl tries to cope with the boredom of the small town in which she lives, as well as with the voices only she can hear.

"Cold,Cold Water" A depressed teen passes judgment on people, which begins a murder spree.

"The Great Squirrel Hunt of 1977" A squirrel causes havoc in a small Texas town

"Fading Away" A girl has a disturbing dieting episode.

Kindle edition also includes Vanished (Freaky Jules #1) A girl mysteriously disappears at school, and the cops are baffled. Julia (Jules) Dundee, the school freak, is compelled to use her paranormal abilities to recover the missing girl. With the aid her new-found friend, boyfriend wannabe, Jack Kilgore, she starts on a journey that ends up out of this universe.