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Essential Oils For Weight ReductionThis book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use essential oils to achieve the body that you’ve always wanted.

There are several reasons why people gain weight. It may be due to overindulgence, unhealthy diet or living a sedentary lifestyle. Excessive weight gain can also be a side effect of certain medical conditions, particularly ones that cause fluid retention and slow metabolism. That said, there are other lesser-known reasons for gaining weight. These include digestive problems, aging, and malnutrition.
In this book, you’ll find essential oil recipes that address all these causes and more. The recipes included in this book range from a soothing bath blend that will help curb your appetite to an energy spray that will kick start your metabolism. Learn the proper way of incorporating essential oils into your daily recipes.

This book will help you understand essential oils better, and you will learn how to start losing weight by using these recipes.