AUTHOR: Danyale Lebon

CATEGORY: Advice & How-To



DEAL STARTS: 2016-03-10

DEAL ENDS: 2016-03-14



Description : UPDATED: 2nd Edition!!! Discover the Secrets to Weight Loss, Increasing Happiness, and Healing Stress & Anxiety through the Power of Essential Oils! Download & Get Your BONUS BOOKS inside!
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Essential Oils are a very hot topic today, and rightfully so! And what’s so great about them is that essential oils for beginners are so easy to get started, with the right guidance you’ll be setup to get the most out of every drop, the right way, in just a matter of minutes!
There are so many Essential Oil books to choose from. Why should I choose this one?
Many books on essential oils just focus on the aromatherapy approach along with some quick recipes to get you started, but leave out how important essential oils can be for your overall well being. Health & Mindfulness Meditation expert Danyale Lebon will show you how to unlock the secrets of essential oils to help you achieve a relaxed state of mind to boost your mood and lose weight naturally while eliminating stress & anxiety in the process. She has dedicated her entire life towards helping people achieve not only their personal health & fitness goals, but to do so with a holistic approach towards both mind and body balance.
What You’ll Learn:
Essential Oils from around the world and their ancient secrets for mindfulness, balance & healthEssential Oil benefits and uses to naturally treat anxiety & depressionEssential Oil benefits and uses for weight loss and appetite controlEssential Oils for beginnersAnd so much more!
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