Author: Cynthia Tripathi

Category: General Nonfiction

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This Personal Development Book
Will give you simple, effective tips to help you get started in experiencing more inspiration for your life today. This quick and easy read will show you how to escape mediocrity and live a life full of growth and personal progress.
The methods in this book are backed by current, research studies and have been proven to work. Escaping Average shows you how to create small victories in your life every day that will lead to a happier, healthier, more fulfilled you.
Escaping Average shows you how to take your life to a level of greater fulfillment and happiness through:
- 18 Simple and Effective Tips to Help You Gain Momentum
- Strategies to Add More Positive Daily Habits to Your Life
- 6 Separate 30 Day Challenges to Improve Quality of Life
- Interviews from Successful People Achieving Powerful Results
- Inspiration and Motivation to Progress Your Life Forward
Follow the tips in this book and you will begin to gain positive momentum, that will help drive your life further from mediocrity and onto a path of success. You will see results in your own life immediately. Learn how to Spark Positive Momentum and catapult your life to the next level today.
What's stopping you from living a happy, exciting, fulfilling life?