Slut (Book 1)

Author: Alison Harper

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: February 23, 2017

Deal ends: February 27, 2017

Description:He feels her start to write. Creating all of the letters first. There are four of them. Two swirly ones and two harsher ones. He reddens as he starts to realise what she’s writing. He smiles because he’s wanted to hear her call him this. She’d promised him, once, that this is what she’d make him one day. As she goes over and over the letters, he knows she’s taking care with each one. He knows that each of them will be perfectly sized, perfectly formed, perfectly red. Ben is visiting his older Mistress for a weekend together. Kathryn enjoys extended tease and denial almost as much as Ben enjoys being obedient. In this short story for those who enjoy the intimacy of femdom, Kathryn toys with Ben, testing his obedience playfully and repeatedly.

Wild Card

Author: Susan Hayes

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: February 01, 2017

Deal ends: February 28, 2017

Description:The game of love can change in a heartbeat when fate deals you a wild card. Lieksa Kiv saw firsthand what the corporations did to their cyborg soldiers during the Resource Wars. Her job: repair their damaged cybernetic components and send them back into battle. When a stolen kiss reveals the truth about her charges, Lieksa sacrifices everything to protect the cyborgs’ secret, including a future with the men she’s fallen for. Mack Darian and Dash Scudo aren’t soldiers anymore. Inspired by the kindness of the woman who saved their lives and touched their hearts, they are defenders, instead. As Corporate Security, they’re dedicated to protecting the citizens of The Drift from all threats, including each other. When these three lives reconnect, the flames of passion burn white hot. But before they can hope for a future together, they must contend with old secrets and present-day challenges threatening to tear their world apart.

The Interview

Author: Ruby Harper

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: February 20, 2017

Deal ends: March 26, 2017

Description:Emma shares a favorite fantasy with her husband. A fantasy in which another man takes her in a way Ken never has. Ken's a good husband and a great provider. Their marriage is built on very strong foundations. And yet hotwife and cuckold fantasies play through both of their minds over and over. What if? But how? Making it happen might not be as simple as the fantasy suggests. When Ken gives Emma a business card, a different set of possibilities open up to her. The possibility of being coached as a hotwife. The possibility of having someone introduce her to a new world. Perhaps, eventually, the possibility of being taken roughly and without protection. This first book introduces Emma to Max Hatfield, Hotwife Coach. A hastily arranged interview takes Emma through some of Mr. Hatfield’s expectations. A thorough examination tests her in ways she hadn’t imagined. And one of Mr. Hatfield’s colleagues is only too pleased to assist with showing Emma the pleasure that a woman can have in the hands of a real man.


Author: Eden Rae Evans

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: February 17, 2017

Deal ends: February 21, 2017

Description:***DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE SPANKING ROMANCE MEGA-BUNDLE*** These SHORT READS feature SUBMISSIVE WOMEN and the men who love to DISCIPLINE them… and who know how to dish out PUNISHMENT when it’s needed! Stories Included: Chelsea’s Mistake Abby’s Willful Disobedience Jenna’s Humiliation Laura’s Obedience Holly’s Disgrace Lisa’s Guilty Pleasure Mila’s Domination Zoe’s Chastity Punishment Stephanie’s Whipping Girl Megan Takes Two TAKE NOTE: This collection contains explicit descriptions and is intended for mature 18+ audiences.

Stolen Innocence (Becoming Elena, Book 1)

Author: Melody Anne

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: February 07, 2017

Deal ends: February 19, 2017

Description:Every master was once a student – every woman was once a child … Everyone calls me a monster. They believe I'm a villain. But I think it's time I share my story. I was once innocent. I had no choice in what was about to happen to me. I had no choice in where my life was going ... Maybe you will understand when you read my story.

Sexy Romance (4 Book Box Set)

Author: Clara James, Kelly Young, Judy Reed and Carla Davis

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: February 11, 2017

Deal ends: February 16, 2017

Description:Allie has been a workaholic during her young professional career. She has not taken part in the everyday satisfactions of life. That is until she gets news that turns her life upside down. Allie refuses to live life like before and vows to live on the edge. Follow Allie as she tries to make up for lost time by finding the men from her past that she missed out on. She finds the no strings attached rendezvous with them incredible. Although things are wonderful with her partners, each one could be her last love affair.