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Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Are your kids having trouble at school?
Are your kids smaller than the other kids in their classes?
Poor little Ernie the Elephant. He is the smallest elephant in his school and gets teased and bullied by the other,
larger kids. One day, discouraged and sad, he runs away from the schoolyard and finds a small mouse in the forest.Martin the mouse encourages him to look inside for his strength and to not listen to those other bullies.

With Martin’s help, Ernie returns to the school to face his bullies and becomes stronger than ever before

—but now it is strength from the inside.
Ernie the Elephant, the first in this series, is a delightful tale
of inner strength and determination. Early readers will find the beautiful illustrations appealing.
School age kids will connect with Ernie and be encouraged to find their own strength.
Pick up you copy for your little one today!