Author: Jason K. Lewis

Category: Fantasy

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'A David Gemmellesque approach to story telling... reminiscent of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher... With each POV we get to view the world through a different pair of eyes and they are all fascinating.' (Fantasy book critic).'It just… moved. It kept me engaged, made me want to pick it up again.' (Independent book review blog).*****FIVE STARS: 'This story is wonderfully told, full of excitement and intrigue.' (Amazon reviewer).

*****FIVE STARS: 'A great start to a new fantasy series grounded with realistic and enjoyable characters.' (Amazon reviewer).

*****FIVE STARS: 'Full of great battle scenes... I loved its fast pace and am looking forward to the next one.' (Amazon reviewer).

Book description:-

The Adarnan Empire has endured for a thousand years, a beacon of civilisation shining out to the world. Its glory is undimmed, but of late there are rumours…
A horde of savage warriors has overrun the south, destroying legions with ease, leaving the very heartlands of the empire under threat.
In the capital there are whispers in the bars and taverns… Republic… they urge, and the name that is whispered is always the same… Martius.

General Felix Martius has been charged with ending the threat from the horde, but the Emperor’s orders came late and there has been little time to gather an army. The legions are outnumbered ten to one. The fate of the Empire stands on a knife edge.

Empire under siege is the first book in the Adarna chronicles. Set in a world of epic grandeur and political intrigue, it follows the fate of the Empire through the eyes of those who could ultimately save it, or doom it to destruction.

'A Great read...What a pleasant little surprise... I really liked this book.' (Independent book review blog)

'An interesting mix of historical fantasy cast in the Roman empire mold and with the author’s strong focus on characters, this series managed to mark itself out.' (Fantasy book critic).