Author: Carol Colyer

Category: Christian Romance

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Maggie Kelly has decided to settle for something less than a fairytale love to help her beloved family financially. However, her world is about to come crashing down, when she finds out that her husband-to-be will not keep his promise. Shocked by the unexpected turn of events, she is rather reluctant to get involved with another potential suitor, but she has no other choice. Although she finds Cliff Pierce insufferable, she agrees to proceed with a marriage of convenience, wondering if she will ever be truly happy and find real love. Is she ready to face all her fears, while struggling to discover Cliff's tender side?

Cliff Pierce has been gone for years, fighting in the war, while a handful of letters from his beautiful fiancée have left him with a promise of love and faithfulness. To his bitter disappointment, she claims that the distance made her heart change course and she has married another man. Broken and resentful, he settles for a marriage of convenience to take his mind off heartbreak and betrayal. Never did he expect, however, that a strong bond would be created between him and Maggie and he would soon bring himself to hope that she feels the same. Will he eventually get the one thing he has always dreamt of? Will he trust his heart and let go of his trauma in order to fully devote himself to her?

Jilted and lost, Maggie and Cliff meet under trying circumstances, convinced there is nothing so fraught with danger and pain as entrusting one's heart to another. Having both seen up close how fickle love is, will they dare to take a leap into the unknown? Is their love true enough to thaw their hearts and help them overcome the wounds that threaten to keep them from happiness?