Author: Hagit R Oron

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Kids need incentives. Any parent knows that, and this is the starting point of 'Elphie and Dad go on an epic adventure'.
There is no milk left in Elephie's house. A trip to the shop is due.
Elphie's father, knowing his little boy dislikes going to the shop tries to sweeten the situation. Would you like to have chocolate milk, he asks his youngster. Who would say no to that?
But the deal isn't sweet enough, so the father promises – we will have an epic adventure.
That does the trick.
On the way to the shop Elphie runs around and waves his sword while his father talks on his mobile phone. Then, all of a sudden, a life threatening event occurs and makes the adult re-examine his perspectives and priorities. He decides to embrace the fantasy world of his little kid, and that's when the real adventure begins…
Elphie and his Dad have a great time together by seizing the day and enjoying the magic that exists in everyday life.