Author: Jessica Benya

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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The perfect gift for fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner; this is Jessica Benya's #1 Amazon Kindle Bestselling novel--Electronica. The first of the three part series Electronica, has now received amazing interest worldwide.Sometimes Revolution is the Only Way to Find Where You Belong.

In a futuristic, dystopian world, DJ Nova lives in the intrusive government of Vesper which brainwashes its teens through music to do their bidding and squashes their individuality.

DJ is a teen who feels oppressed as she struggles to be her own person with her own identity. She wants to live her own life and make decisions on her own terms; not be told what to do. So, she decides to desperately fight for the freedom to create her own destiny and choose her own love. While doing this she discovers others whose lives will be terminated without her help. Luckily, Vesper’s brainwashing has not completely effected her.
Currently, DJ is past the mind altering Listening, but now she must conquer The Rounds. How she does will decide her job, her status, and even her life partner. So, she struggles to make it to the International Rounds where she’ll be free to determine her own fate. If she fails, so will her life.

Outside the extraordinary walls that surround Vesper lies another world of hardship and fear, but filled with possibilities and freedom. It’s the only way out—but no one’s ever made it back alive.

Diversity is our strength.

Then a mysterious girl arrives in her dreams. A girl unlike anyone she’s met before. And the message she delivers is terrifying.

But, the deeper DJ goes in the Rounds the more she realizes not everything is as she had been taught. She must decide if she’s willing to risk it all by accepting the help of a group of individuals her society executes.

She must choose between playing it safe or risking it all and join the revolution that will change her and all of Vesper forever.

Find out what happens to DJ as she takes her fate, and the fate of her entire society, into her own hands.
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