Author: Nicole Sallak Anderson

Category: Science Fiction

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With Edgar Prince and the One World Government imprisoned in Limbo for the next one hundred years, a new, golden age for eHumanity has begun. Evelyn Prince, the creator of Neuro and Edgar’s daughter, joins Origen and the rebels to build a new world—where eHumanity will finally be free to live up to its potential. Adam and Dawn celebrate this victory in their own way, by setting out on a quest to find evidence that carbon-based humans might have survived the Great Shift.The new leadership soon discovers that a free and open society means different things to different people—and that Neuro itself has its own agenda. When eHumans begin to die after plugging in to recharge, and Dawn goes missing while on her mission, Adam and Evelyn sense their father closing in on them from every side, and Origen knows that the game is up.

But Edgar Prince isn’t the only one with many plans.