Author: Stefany Lawrence

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Discover the Power of Organic Eco-BeautyGet this great book by Stefany H. Lawrence! Plus you get the E-Book "Get Fit Get Healthy" for FREE. 2 E-Book for 5.50$This book has actionable information that will help you to make a successful transition to natural and healthy organic makeup.They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but I say you have to capture the attention of the ‘beholder’ with your beauty. We are all created differently and made beautiful in unique ways. But just a touch of make-up can do a whole lot of transformation on our looks. Unfortunately, in our quest to capturing attention and boosting our own confidence through our outward appearance, we oftentimes end up messing our body and making the situation worse. Think about it; you may start applying makeup only to start noticing that you are having breakouts or your skin starts becoming unusually dry. Moreover, you just cannot tell what may happen to you if you continuously apply various makeup brands. Well, one of the things that many of us fear is the development of chronic conditions like cancer as a result of using makeup. And obviously, that’s not what any of us intends to get after using makeup for so long. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Why Wear Make-UpWhy Switch To Organic MakeupThe Downsides Of Synthetic MakeupDifference Between Natural And Organic Beauty ProductsToxic Ingredients To Avoid When Going OrganicThe Pros Of Going OrganicWhat To Look For In Safe Cosmetic ProductBasic Skin Care with Organic MakeupThe Different Skin TypesClimate Change and Skin CareHow To Switch From Toxic Makeup To Natural Healthy MakeupHomemade Natural Make Up Recipes