Author: Peter Rimmer

Category: Historical Fiction

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Secret childhood sweethearts, Sebastian and Emily are torn apart from each other when Sebastian’s cruel and heartless father discovers their love. Sebastian is the wrong son; he is the youngest son and it is his eldest brother who is intended for Emily, the daughter of a penniless Baronet. The consequences are harsh and Sebastian is banished from England and sent on a sea voyage to an unknown destination.Echoes from the Past is a story of the first white hunters in a country that was to become first Rhodesia and then Zimbabwe. It tells too Sebastian’s struggle in a new colony torn apart by a bloody struggle between the British and the Boers and his loyalties are tested to the full in an historical adventure combining ambition, greed and love. But, he never forgets his love, Emily.

Peter Rimmer paints a vivid picture of an environment teeming with wildlife, danger and intrigue. This is his third novel, and Echoes from the Past is the first in the Brigandshaw Chronicles.