Author: Lynn Landes

Category: Historical Romance

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A woman burdened by the death of her dreams and a rancher desperate to make her dream again. A thrilling story of love and new beginnings.My name is Cassandra and I had one goal, to make them pay! When gold was discovered on my family land, I tried to warn them. I begged them to listen but greed, envy and a lust for more destroyed them all. I have walked through fire to watch my enemies’ burn and now those I left behind are hunting me.

I ran to San Francisco to escape on the train, but they won’t let go so easily. Gold is a sickness that has stained this land and all who touch it are never the same. I didn’t count on meeting someone who could offer me love and peace. Dalton Rivers is a complication. Would he offer his love so freely if he knows what I am capable of? I won’t let someone else be hurt because of my choices. I know I must leave but my heart wants me to dare to dream again.