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4 Different drawing books that will help you become a better artist! Book 1: I love action poses based on the comic approach of human anatomy. This book will help you learn the basics, so you can create amazing action figures, with poses you wouldn’t be able to figure out on your own. Look inside now and don’t wait any long if you want to be an amazing action artist! Some of the things you’ll learn in this book:Comic anatomySword fighters and gun or arrow shootersCreating female figuresForeshorteningDrawing muscled menBook 2: This action figure drawing book helps you see the skeleton underneath the body, the basic figure behind the details, the must-know before getting into the complicated stuff. I will show you how to copy basic elements from perfectly awesome action figure drawings and use them for your own, personalized characters and scenes. You will discover, among others: Comic anatomyFighters and crazy posesHow to draw attractive womenDrawing strong guys from action figure examplesPoses with weaponsRomantic posesMonsters and muscled menBasic sketch techniques that will help you create action-packed figuresBook 3: Drawing in perspective is easy… once you know the rules. Everything is based on logic and precision, but if you stick to the basics, it can be super simple. In this book, I’ll show you some basic techniques for beginners that will help you understand the concept of drawing in perspective. I’ve taught these classes to dozens of students, and if you do it step by step, you’ll get the desired results.Basic overview: The frog’s first point perspective.The bird’s first point perspective.The frog’s two point perspective.The bird’s two point perspective.The frog’s three point perspective.The bird’s three point perspective.All these techniques will be explained in easy-to-follow steps with more than 70 images as examples. I made sure not to skip important steps and provided plenty of drawings in this book, so you can learn it as well. So don’t wait and dive into the step-by-step process of drawing in perspective!Book 4: In the past ten years, I have earned thousands of dollars sitting at events and drawing fast sketches of people’s faces. I got faster and more precise as I kept practicing, but I also discovered you need some basic knowledge to even give it a try. While you’re sketching as fast as you can and looking at the facial features, analyzing everything in your brains, there are certain tricks you can apply, questions you have to ask yourself when you’re analyzing a face, and tips you should know in order to minimize the time you spend on them. In this book, I will tell you what I know, give you a number of examples, and take you through what I have found to be the most effective steps when you’re sketching a portrait. This is a unique method that will help you become better faster. Don’t wait and grab this fantastic chance of becoming a fast portrait artist!Keywords: drawing comic figures, draw action poses, drawing action poses, how to draw action poses, how to draw comic poses, draw cool comic figures, draw comic characters, how to draw comic characters, draw action poses well, methods to draw action figures, ways to draw action figures, action figure drawing book, action figure book, action figure art, drawing guide, draw action guide, drawing action figures ebook, book about drawing, drawing books, drawing comic book, comic book drawings, draw females, draw swords, drawing females, drawing males, drawing women, drawing men, how to draw women, how to draw men, draw archers, draw swordsmen, foreshortening, basic proportions, draw poses, drawing swords and guns, how to draw guns, how to draw muscles, draw muscles, draw anatomy