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Description:Don't Reply All will show you how to use email more efficiently.Most employees spend over 11 hours a week reading and replying to emails. In this book, you'll learn how to spend less time and make your messages more effective. You'll get research-based guidelines for improving the way you communicate with your team members. Here is a partial list of what's covered: **How to use the "3Ws" to clearly assign tasks in emails and get things done. **Four recommendations to help you create powerful subject lines to ensure that your emails are read. **How to use "If...then..." statements in your messages to improve clarity, increase accountability, and reduce the amount of follow-ups. **Tips to show you how to format your email so readers will easily be able to see the most important parts of your message. **How to list questions and present options instead of asking open-ended queries to reduce back & forth emails. **How to improve your email open-rate by using the "Delay Delivery" feature to schedule your emails in advance.