Author: John Estrellas

Category: General Nonfiction

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John Estrellas gives you the most comprehensive presentation of love available today. His approach to love is practical and very helpful. He includes several diagrams to show the relationship between the various aspects of love. The only book of its kind, and written in a simple style, without all the fluff and mush that many love gurus today tend to focus on. The components of real love are presented in short reflections, making this book a quick and enjoyable reading experience. This is the love book your heart has been searching for. If you're looking for a happy, healthy and lasting relationship this book will show you the way to get there. This volume will equip you with a holistic, sensible and deeper view of love (what you don't get from pop psychology). A healthy view of love can make all the difference. In the pages of this little book you will discover the purpose of love, the purpose of a relationship, gain more insight into unconditional love and explore the difference between human love and agape. Also, this book will give you the clarity needed to help you make healthy relationship choices, increasing your chances of finding real love. If you desire a more beautiful and complete experience of love, this handy guide is for you. Say yes to real love today. Readers who enjoyed Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages or Erich Fromm's The Art of Loving will enjoy this book.