Author: Luke Smitherd

Category: Science Fiction

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In DO ANYTHING, Luke Smitherd brings you two more Tales Of The Unusual:CLOSURE: A winter walk in the woods seemed like a great idea to Gary and his wife, Carla. But when another version of himself appears and kidnaps Gary's wife before his very eyes, Gary must decide whether or not to use the strange mechanical devices his duplicate has left him ... and then live with the choice.

YOUR NAME IS IN THE BOOK: When John was eleven years old, he came home to find a book he'd never seen before lying on his bed. The cover had been torn off, and inside it were endless lists of names - some of which belonged to people he knew - with a single number behind each one. That was his first glimpse into a darker reality than he could have ever imagined, because even though couldn't know it at the time, that mysterious book would go on to affect every facet of the rest of his life. And potentially, hold the key to his death.