Author: Kaya Jenner

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Don't let the myths of dating after a divorce scare you away from enjoying the dating scene again!In this book you we will examine steps and strategies on how to approach the dating scene after a divorce. Things have changed over the years in the dating arena and also people have changed how they date and/or find a date. Some may find this frustrating and want to give up. Others do not feel they should or even can start dating again.

We will discuss the timeline of dating after a divorce and how to approach each milestone with emotions and intention. Entering into the virtual and physical dating arena again brings challenges and we will discuss how to get past those. Whether you are in this just to test the waters and see if you "still got it" or you want to find love again you will find helpful advice in this book. You will gain knowledge and self-confidence to step out into the dating game again. Dating after a divorce does not have to be painful or scary, that is why this book will help you self adjust, prepare, practice, and then experience the fun that can come with dating.