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When customers come into your retail location to see and get the "feel" of a product -- then, pull out their smartphone and use it to check prices and purchase elsewhere -- you have become a victim on retail's latest phenomenon in the Digital Age: Showrooming. Regardless of whether you are one of the world's giants, or simply a "mom and pop" store, EVERY retail business is being impacted with this challenge -- one that is only going to grow in intensity in the coming years."Digging Wells and Building Fences: Discover the Steps to Combat Showrooming, Converge Physical and Digital Retailing, and Create Customers for Life" by Scott McKain is your essential playbook to survive and thrive in an era of smartphone shopping.As author of "Create Distinction: What to Do When 'Great' Isn't Good Enough to Grow Your Business," (the updated and expanded version of the book named by the "Miami Herald" and many other major media outlets as one of the "Top Ten Business Books" of the year), McKain brings globally recognized insight to your critical challenge.If you want to overcome the challenge of showrooming...use your assets as a retailer to your maximum advantage...and create loyal, lifelong NEED to read: "Digging Wells and Building Fences!"