Author: B Campbell

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Intermediate Reader for girls and boys aged 8 - 12...Hi, my name is AJ...well, actually it is Arthur. This is my story. I'm not cool, I'm the middle, just your average 6th grader. My best friend is Mike and my worst enemy is Cedric. Don't tell anyone, but I really like a girl called Julia and I don't get on with my sister. Mom is a fitness instructor and Dad is real estate salesman.If you enjoyed reading Diary of an Almost Cool Girl, you'll like this book as well. B. Campbell wrote both books and you know how funny he is!!!! Is this book only for boys??? NO WAY! This book is for girls and boys who like funny stories, who aren't super cool, but they aren't dorks or wimps either. Yes, that means this book is for YOU! Take a look at some of the reviews: "This is a fun book about AJ or Arthur who is an almost cool kid. It follows his adventures into life in a way that will amuse all kids and despite being a great story gives valuable life lessons in a fun, cool way.""I loved the book it was a great book. It teaches you how to be the best in the way you can in yourself.""Such a fun book, very cool, both boys and girls will love it. I would highly recommend it to anyone!"Thanks for reading another Almost Cool Book!