Author: David Clarkson

Category: Science Fiction

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The Australian outback was the scene of Lucy’s happiest childhood memories. When her father dies she hopes to recapture some of that magic from her youth by taking his ashes on one last road trip. Her journey brings them to the small isolated town of Jackson’s Hill, where a team of researchers has made the greatest scientific breakthrough of the century.Dr Emmy Rayne’s work into astral travel was designed to open up the universe for exploration like never before. The young scientist, however, has an altogether different agenda in mind. Orphaned at a young age, Emmy has spent her life searching for a way to connect with her dead parents and she is about to discover that Lucy’s recent loss may just hold the key...

Diamond Sky is the first part of an epic sci-fi trilogy that travels from a remote outback town to the far reaches of space and beyond. It can also be enjoyed as a standalone thriller.