Author: Kevin Travers

Category: Science Fiction

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"A science fiction/comedy about space travel and the future of humanity. Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk meets Star Trek, inspired by the Venus Project and 1970's space art, and written by a Douglas Adams wannabe." – Editor's noteHayden Marks was an egotistical athlete with dreams of glory. Ryne Zeldon was an apathetic genius with zero ambition. They didn't like each other very much.

When they're both drafted into the prestigious Explorer program under the tutelage of their former teacher, they gel like oil and water, like Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics, like ice sculptures and grease fires- in short, they have a hard time mixing.

Oh, and they're both chasing the same girl.

Will they learn to work together, and save the Earth from a race of reptilianoid industrialists? Or will exploitation, environmental collapse and extinction befall the planet?