Author: Ashley Moore

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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AUTHOR: Ashley Moore

CATEGORY: Teen & Young Adult



DEAL STARTS: 2016-07-03

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Description : Emma Peterson, 8th grader at Arlington Middle School looked as though she had a perfect life. She was a straight A student, a cheerleader, had many friends, and was dating the most-popular, richest guy in school, Derek Cantrell. However, for Emily, money, designer clothes, and lots of expensive toys weren’t as important to her as other people. And in the small, conservative town of Arlington, Connecticut, she was outnumbered. Even her parents hired people to serve when they had Derek and his parents for dinner. Emma strikes up a friendship with a new student at Arlington Middle School. Kevin Thompson is athletic, a good student, and a lot of fun; and African American. He was adopted two years ago by Irene, an artist, and John, a Professor at Yale, Thompson, and came to Arlington for a good education. He deals with the racism because his parents give him the love he had been searching for since his Nana died and he was placed in the foster care system. Emma knew she had a crush on Kevin, and managed to set them up to study together. They both admitted their attraction for each other, and Emma broke up with Derek that same night. Now they had to share their relationship with not only their parents, but also the right-wing, 98% Caucasian residents of Arlington. Emma was determined to take the road less traveled and be with Kevin no matter what. When they both realize how much in love they really are, Kevin gives Emma a friendship ring, hoping it is a precursor to an engagement ring. That same night, they express their love for each other verbally. And when they are about to take their relationship to another level, something happens, so unexpected, so unbelievable, that they doubt each other for the first time. Maybe they cannot be Destined to Love after all.