Author: Tim Ebl

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Memories of traumatic events, negative feelings and programming from our past experiences can throw a shadow on our present lives. Have you ever felt trapped by your routines, reactions and in a rut? Do you need to find a way to move beyond old hurts and stale patterns? Have you hit a wall and feel locked in at the current level of happiness, unable to reach true success or satisfaction?
There are solutions! You can work on emotional roadblocks resulting from traumatic events or failed relationships, and remove scars which impact your future actions.Through his own experiences of abuse, violence and poverty as a child, the author shows how his adult life was shaped by programming. And finally, through the use of simple techniques, he triumphed over his own mind. There is hope for a bright future!

Learn simple techniques to help deal with:

-Memories of traumatic events
-Negative emotions triggered by people or circumstances from the past
-Subconscious programming that keeps you stuck making the same mistakes in family, relationships and business
-Stress, worry and depression that are the result of buried emotional damage
-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Using the knowledge in this book can result in:

-increased daily happiness and satisfaction with life
-A new outlook on success
-Friendship and relationship strengthening
-Parenting insights

Don't wait for tomorrow, get a copy and break free of the past!