Author: Patrice Chaplin

Category: LGBT

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‘Powerful romantic fiction in the tradition of Emily Bronte.’ - GuardianElle is not yet thirty and she is already bored with her life…

Drawn in by Elle’s mysterious charms and effortless grace, Catherine feels herself slipping into a whirlwind romance.

But as the cracks in Elle’s façade appear, Catherine grows anxious and disturbed.

When things start to go downhill and the glamourous life they’ve built together seems more and more like an illusion, Catherine begins to doubt her own reality.

Who is Elle?

Where does her money come from?

What is she saying when she’s on the phone for hours speaking languages Catherine doesn’t understand?

As Elle is revealed to be less and less what she seems, Catherine becomes fixated on the strange hollowness that has appeared in Elle’s eyes.

Perhaps Elle is not a charming socialite after all, but something far more sinister.

Half love story, half thriller, Death Trap is the gripping tale of Catherine and the mysterious Elle.